About Me

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What's my story?

As with most people, my passions have been lead by life experiences.

Growing up, I was always active! I was a dancer and martial artist, and I loved doing both. Unfortunately, my life was impacted as a teen due to chronic and disabling back pain caused by severe scoliosis. 

At 19 years old, the spinal deformity was too severe, and I underwent major corrective surgery to fuse 12 vertebra and realign my spine. It was a long recovery with a lot of uncertainty about what my future abilities would be. Learning to accept and appreciate everything I could do during my recovery was HARD. The little things, the big things, and everything in between – none of it I take for granted. I feel so lucky to be where I am now.

Today I eat and train knowing it’s a privilege to build a strong and healthy body that will carry me for the rest of my life – it feels completely different than training purely for an aesthetic look. I will admit though, that training to be strong does help with feeling a little sexy!

I do love helping people achieve their weight loss and transformation goals – but at the end of the day, the best part is that they come to a point where every other reason to treat their body well are now more important to them than how their body looks. That growth is a beautiful thing to be part of. 

I truely wish to see my clients feel good every day they can, for years after they’ve stopped training with me – in health, in strength, in their relationship with food and their body. 

I love that they come away with more than fat loss and perky glutes. The new understanding, strength and confidence in their health and body – that’s what I love. 

My Coaching Philosophy


As a coach, I will never tell a client what they must/must not eat. I train through a flexible dieting approach based on mastering the art of tracking macronutrient intake to make educated choices around food for life.
I give suggestions and recipe ideas to support the journey but I'm far more concerned with your emotional relationship with food and educating on how to eat inline with your goals and maintain them long term without cutting out your favourite foods.


I'm always advocating for good technique and progressive overload. My programming is about mastering basic movements and learning to move the load safely, with intent. I don't design programs to be fancy, I design them to be effective in building strong foundations. I place a high priority on improving muscular imbalances to aid in more efficient movement and avoid injuries within programs geared towards achieving the aesthetic or athletic goals my client is working towards.


To understand how to structure your habits around your goals and know to adapt them when your situation changes is an ever developing learning area. I like to work with my clients on habit creation and routines to increase productivity, reduce unnecessary stress and improve life's overall balance.

Adding in food tracking and a gym program can leave you with more spare time and more quality rest with a well planned routine in place.

Who are my clients?

As most of my clients have found me via my social media channels and see the message I share, the client group I have is very much aligned with the values above. 
A high percentage of the clients that I work with are martial artists (from colour grades through to blackbelts) who are looking to improve their fitness and body goals through learning about nutrition and adding in a resistance training program that will support their martial arts training. 

*This is an area I love working in as I remember several years back, I wanted to look more athletic and to increase my strength and endurance to prepare for a black belt grading and I struggled to find someone who could appreciate the unique needs of my sport.

I coach non-athletes as well, I have beginner and intermediate level clients in my programs who want to get stronger and/or take control of their relationship with food to achieve their lifestyle goals.
For my custom coaching packages, I have an application/ consultation process to make sure we are a good fit and that we are both confident that
 my methods will suit the requirements of your goals.

Please note: I receive many requests to write training and rehabilitation programs for people with back issues or who are recovering from similar surgeries to what I had. 
At this point, I am not highly qualified enough to safely take these clients on board.
I aim to get more education in this area, however it would be irresponsible for me to give more than general advice at this point.

Formal Qualifications

Cert III fitness – International Fitness Academy
Performance PT Coach Level 1 – Clean Health Fitness Institute
Performance PT Coach Level 2 – Clean Health Fitness Institute
Performance Nutrition Coach Level 1 – Clean Health Fitness Institute
Performance Nutrition Coach Level 2 – Clean Health Fitness Institute