We asked some of my clients "What kind of person /what kind of goals do you think Helena is best suited to help?"

What some of my My Clients have to say

What I loved most about working with Helena is that she designed my program around my Taekwando training. So many other programs that I have looked at assume you will only be doing their workouts. Helena designed me a program that complimented my own training. She had me focusing on muscles and areas of weakness that my current training lacked while making sure to leave my body fresh enough to do my tough Taekwando sessions. 

I completed a grading 4 weeks into my time working with Helena. It was my strongest grading to date and I had plenty of energy due to the macros Helena programmed for me.

Before working with Helena I was completely clueless about macros - in fact I initially didn't want to do them because I was not unhappy with my body. While I did lose weight it was not the focus for me. What I noticed and enjoyed most was the change in my energy levels and my lack of cravings.

I have no doubt that what I have learnt from Helena will stick with me and result in lasting changes to my lifestyle and how I view food. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Helena, learning even more and getting stronger.

New Zealand

I discovered Helena online, and was inspired by her dedication to fitness- both as a second degree black belt in karate, and also her journey into bodybuilding. I had some nutritional goals I wanted to work on, but mostly wanted to get stronger and build more muscle after struggling with some nagging running injuries over the past year.

I decided to join Helena's group, and despite my initial reluctance to log food and track macros, it's actually been a fantastic experience now that I've figured it out! This is not a "one size fits all" group. Helena individualizes every person's plan to fit not only their specific nutrition and fitness goals, but also based on what exercise equipment they have access to. I don't have a gym membership, so I told Helena what was in my home gym and she tailored each of my programs to the weights and bands that I have at home. I've also really enjoyed being part of the online Facebook group, which includes people at all different points in their fitness and health journeys. It's extremely supportive, and we share struggles, successes and awesome recipes! Helena is always available to answer questions or tweak macros or exercises if necessary. I've enjoyed the process so much that I signed up for another 12-week program! I'm stronger, more focused on my goals, and succeeding in what I set out to do. Thank you, Helena!


I’ve been very fortunate to be under Coach Helena’s guidance for just over 12 months.  I managed to enter my 50’s fitter and healthier than my 40’s thanks mostly to my martial arts training.  During the last few years outside influences meant that  training gradually dropped off and I gradually put on weight.

I’d become very unhappy with my body image so was eating less and less but still gaining weight. 

I reached out to Helena, who introduced me to macro tracking/flexible dieting and gently encouraged me to move more.  After a couple of weeks she then added in some programmed weights sessions.  She was amazing – taking on a client in her late 50s with arthritis in multiple joints, tennis and golfers elbows and still being able to give me exercises that would build strength but  would not aggravate existing issues would have been extremely challenging.

During this time I’ve lost over13 kgs, managed to fit into an Australian size 10 clothes, built strength and have a much healthier relationship with food.  I’m no longer frazzled if the number on the scale isn’t my goal weight – my body shape is still changing (for the better).

Oh and I’m now eating something like 600 calories a day more than when I started and maintaining my weight!!!  I love it. 

Have I been 100% compliant – no.  Have I completed every one of my training sessions – no.  Helena has been so encouraging when life gets in the way and helped me to understand that an occasional celebration or missed session doesn’t mean I’ve failed - it just means I’m human.  Tomorrow is a fresh start.

One of my new goals is to enter my 60’s fitter, healthier and stronger than in my 50’s and I’m planning on continuing to training with Coach Helena to ensure it happens.

NSW, Australia

Helena's programs are designed to help you find the lifestyle of health and fitness you never knew you wanted/needed.

It has shown me the simplicity in understanding food as fuel for my body that can be fun, nutritious and also very delicious. 

As someone who has never studied nutrition or personal training I found Helena's programs really easy to understand and follow on a day to day basis. After all it is a lifestyle not a phase. Her programs not only provide you with the knowledge to maintain this new lifestyle after the program finishes but also the confidence of being able to continue it too. The support shown from her as a coach and also from the others in the group has made it such a warm supportive environment which is always fantastic when implementing a new routine. 

There is freedom and guidance all within this program with workouts that not only change you as an individual physically but also mentally too. You learn about safe training and all the benefits of continual movement for the body.

Helena knew that I suffered from lower back pain from a weak core and continual strain from my Karate training. With her program we have focused on strength building and I can say I can safely squat and sumo deadlift above my body weight. Since being taught about core activation and stabilisation of areas by Helena I have not once suffered from any injuries or pain. In fact it has enhanced my sport.

I am forever grateful to be apart of this journey of growth with the best coach anyone could ask for.

If not now then when?! 

I cannot highly recommend Helena's program enough.

If you want to learn to have a positive relationship with both your food and exercise then this is the place to start, with Helena. 

NSW, Australia

Helena Sly's program has been the rehabilitation my health and body craved. 

After over a decade of disordered eating habits and self loathing the idea of a fitness program was daunting. Helenas holistic approach leaves no stone unturned. I re-learned concepts regarding nutrition, doubled my strength on almost all exercises and did all of it with the unshakeable support of Helena. Helena has created a community of empowered individuals who share their success and struggles. With her guidance we have lifted each other up redefining our goals and our relationship with our bodies. 

For the first time in a long time I can step on a scale without the fear of lapsing into old habits. We are educated, we are stronger and I will not be looking back from this invaluable experience. 

For anyone who joins the next round, I will see you there 

NSW, Australia
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