4 Best Crypto Tax Software Solutions In 2022

Thus, it simplifies everything about the user experience of its software to ensure that even learners are able to navigate it. You also want https://xcritical.com/ to go with CryptoTaxCalculator if you are outside the US. It supports countries such as Greece, Japan, Portugal, the UK, and many others.

crypto tax solutions

Generally, people either hold cryptocurrency like an investment ; spend cryptocurrency like cash in purchases of goods, services, or other cryptocurrencies; or treat it both as an investment and as cash. We support all exchanges ; guarantee you secure operations; and no crypto tax case is too hard for us to handle. The Token Tax gang are the people you want in your corner when you’re freaking out about all the degen chad trades you made last year. Did you know that The IRS has been cracking down on unreported transactions in recent years.

What is a cryptocurrency tax lawyer?

Many new countries will likely be added to the list in the years to come. Some or all of the products/services listed on this page are from our affiliate partners from which we receive commissions. Although the U.S. government has promulgated information on how cryptocurrency should be regulated, the rules are not wholly definitive. On March 9, 2022, President Biden signed an Executive Order to examine the government’s future role in regulating the sector. I would say that ZenLedger would be my top pick for US-based hodlers due to the IRS-friendly nature of the platform and seamless integration with TurboTax. Koinly is a great platform and with the feature-packed free version, you’ve got nothing to lose by taking advantage of the service and deciding if the extra paid features are worth your hard-earned Satoshi’s.

  • CoinTracking can integrate with nearly 80 cryptocurrency exchange platforms.
  • It allows you to see all your transactions from multiple wallets and exchanges within a single easy-to-understand spreadsheet.
  • Learn how a voluntary disclosure program can help with your crypto taxes.
  • Fret not, my fellow hodlers; as in this post, I will give you some info that should hopefully help you on your journey and give you seven crypto tax tools & software that could help simplify this process.
  • Accointing flaunts monitoring and excise statement creating characteristics with compatibility for all major cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

It is mainly concerned with the setting up of crypto exchanges, as well as that of other companies operating in the cryptocurrency market. We‘re crypto tax calculation software, but we’re also a full-service crypto tax accounting firm. We offer tax preparation services specializing in the needs of customers with/without cryptocurrency assets.

Our process is simple:

Last year, the agency sent letters to more than 10,000 taxpayers with virtual currency transactions, telling them to pay back taxes and file amended returns. For example, if you purchased Bitcoin for $100, and spent it within the year at the value of $300, you’ll have to pay short-term capital gains tax on those $200. How much you’ll pay on those $200 depends on the short-term tax rate, which in 2021 was between 0% and 37%. The amount of taxes you’ll pay depends on how long you hold the crypto as well.

Koinly is perhaps the most well-known of the choices in crypto tax software, it has a clean easy-to-use interface and works great for beginners. With a Free plan you can import all your data and view your crypto capital gains and income, a $49-per-year subscription yields a complete report to hand to your tax preparer or to use yourself. It supports over 600 integrations with crypto exchanges/wallets and has the widest coverage of blockchains. TaxBit brings all your cryptocurrency transactions and balances from your exchanges and wallets into one place to calculate the cost basis and corresponding gains or losses on each transaction. It provides an entire audit trail so users, accountants, and auditors can drill down into any transaction to see precisely how the gain or loss was calculated. The software has received good reviews on various platforms, highlighting customer satisfaction.

If you failed to report income or capital gains from the sale of cryptocurrency in previous tax years, you can apply for a correction through the Voluntary Disclosure Program. In order to properly tax DLT asset transactions, each asset in question has to be given a specific valuation in adherence with the Maltese tax law. The Income Tax Act states that the reference value of a taxable asset shall be its market value, as per the rate established by the relevant authority in Malta. The cryptocurrency value must also be converted to the value of the appropriate fiat currency in which the legal entity presents their financial statements.

crypto tax solutions

The platform will generate your capital gains for the year, which can then be input into the tax software of your choice or can be printed out to share with your tax accountant, or attached to your tax return. The data import software included in the Accointing package makes it super easy to upload everything from wallets and exchanges via CSV or API integration. Once a user has linked all their wallets and exchange accounts, it’s as easy as clicking a button for Accointing to pull in all the data and begin its tax calculation magic. CoinTrackingcalls itself the leader in cryptocurrency reporting and tracking, and with over 1 million clients, including more than 25,000 corporate clients and CPAs, they might not be wrong. CoinTracking is particularly detailed, and users will know exactly how their portfolio is performing, how diversified they are, and what their tax burden is going to be throughout the year.

How to Choose Crypto Tax Software

These two platforms are the best tax software for cryptocurrency for people who want a platform that works with different accounting software, wallets, blockchains, and exchange platforms for cryptocurrency. Like many other solutions on this list, it can also help with tax-loss harvesting and offers margin trading support. The main reason TokenTax stands out from the competition is that it offers crypto tax services.

The software can track your portfolio, manage all your transactions, and file your taxes automatically for several jurisdictions. They offer a user-friendly display and support for +300 exchanges/wallets and ANY cryptocurrency. Crypto tax software does work; they aim to automate importing transactions, find all market prices at the time of your trades, and calculate your gains and cost basis. While using these types of software, it is not necessary to have a tax consultant; in fact, you can file taxes alone, just making sure you generate a report accepted in your tax jurisdiction. So, if you are a newbie or advanced trader, you must utilize crypto tax software at some point.

CryptoTrader.Tax (Now called CoinLedger)

The software helps users figure out how to fill out the Schedule D form. The convenience and functionality of this software make it one of the top crypto tax software. For many crypto investors, keeping track of capital gains and losses is an uphill task, as they engage in several profitable transactions monthly. Crypto trading skyrocketed in 2021, with several newcomers obtaining and trading cryptocurrency. Having all these features available saves time for tax professionals, too. Some of these solutions offer software for tax professionals to help them manage taxes on crypto gains for their clients.

crypto tax solutions

In early 2021, they had raised $100 million in a Series A funding round, then five months later they raised another whopping $130 million in a Series B funding round. Money flowed in from some big names including the likes of Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures as well as Winkelvoss capital . It does this through a series of questions and by analysing crypto transaction events. The tax tools will also try to help lower your tax bill by using capital loss deductions if you’ve had losses on your crypto trading and investing activities. Allow one of the tools like Cryptotrader.tax, or CoinTracker to auto-fill tax forms to file yourself, or utilize their team of tax professionals who can help you file, or file on your behalf. Also, note that the capital gains tax is for the event of selling crypto assets.

It is an excellent choice for professionals looking to provide crypto tax services to their clients. If you are unsure whether ZenLedger is the right solution for you, you can take advantage of its free plan, covering up to 25 transactions. You only have to report and pay taxes on assets you sell to lock in gains or losses.

Crypto tax software + Crypto tax experts

As an investor, getting the best tax management tools is necessary to ensure you are abreast of your tax obligations. Several crypto tax software tools are now available to manage your crypto taxes, track gains and losses and automate several other processes. Other features include real-time reports, automated reporting, and transaction matching.

Best Crypto Tax Software Solutions: No More Mistakes!

Reviews Learn all about the features, pricing, and the pros and cons of the best financial products and services on the market. We have specialised in tax planning for the last 30 years and decided to transfer our skills over crypto exchange software solutions to build a cryptocurrency based solution that stays completely compliant while offering some amazing benefits. Calculating crypto taxes can be a delightful, stress-free, and fun way to spend a weekend – Said nobody, ever.

Personal Analysis- 25 customizable crypto reports to show things like profit/loss, audit reports, realized/unrealized gains etc. A specialist in the field of market analysis in such areas as software development, web applications, mobile applications and the selection of potential vendors. Creator of analytical articles that have been praised by their readers.

Crypto portfolio monitoring and levy assessment are the major functions this software provides. Utilizing the information and intelligence resources provided by Glassnode, the program aims to create superior and precise tweaking of toll evaluation and comprehensive statement creation. Permits portfolio following automatically, allowing viewing of the asset achievement, allocation, and market worth.

The Maltese crypto tax considers the nature of the transaction of a virtual financial asset, the status of the parties involved, and the specifics and circumstances of each transaction. Once determined, DLT transactions may be taxed under regular income tax, or other taxations. They calculate your cryptocurrency taxes and help you reduce them for next year, using a reliable & straightforward interface. They offer support for more than 20 countries and more than 300 exchanges and wallets.

For example, stakers will need software that can detect and track staking income, while frequent traders will need software that supports a large number of transactions. Most importantly, make sure to select secure, reputable software that you find easy to use. However, if the payment were to be made by transfer of financial or utility tokens, then the transaction will be treated in such light for income tax purposes. These DLT assets are designed to be used as a form of digital exchange for goods and services within a limited network or platform.

Their utility, value, and application is solely limited to the acquisition of products and services available on those same platforms in which they are being used. A utility token is in no way connected with the equity of the issuer and does not hold any characteristics of a security. It was actually the first country to back the crypto industry by bringing a legislative package to the fore, and thereby creating a regulatory ecosystem in which both the currency and industry can operate and grow. A number of the top cryptocurrency tax software programs are known for their user-friendliness.

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